Bystronic: 3D layout planning with Lino 3D layout enhances sales processes

Bystronic Lehnhardt has chosen Lino 3D layout for its 3D layout planning and Tacton Design Automation for rules-based configuration. Configuration specialist Lino GmbH has accelerates design and layout processes, minimizes error sources, cuts project planning times for machine production lines in half and creates convincing customer presentations.

For over 50 years, Bystronic has been developing machinery and plant equipment for manufacturing and working glass. Bystronic Lehnhardt has already been using the 3D CAD solution Solidworks® for some time now to design machines and components. Previously, designers used the 2D CAD software ME10 to lay out overall production systems consisting of linked modules.

Yet Bystronic designs not only individual machines, but also the layout of complete plants consisting of linked modules. One key task of layout planning is to match the complex flows of a machine installation to the conditions of existing plants. With the old applications, it was simply impossible for Sales to present layout changes to end customers with a short turnaround. They lacked an automated variant configuration functionality that could manage all components and their capabilities and make them readily available – ideally right on site!

In researching the market, Bystronic Lehnhardt came across Lino GmbH, the vendor of leading-edge software solutions and consulting services for design automation, product configuration, system configuration, 3D CAD and 3D visualization. Its combination of Tacton Design Automation for automated variant configuration and Lino 3D layout for rules-based layout planning was unique. “I couldn’t find any other vendor that offered such a powerful package. The direct integration in Solidworks was particularly attractive”, the project head explains. As seamless Solidworks add-ins, all solutions have unrestricted access to the data from the PDM – which offered enormous advantages: the designs are always up to date and correct. And conversely, the parameter set of a quotation can be used as a reliable basis for the subsequent design.

The project head sees his decision for Lino GmbH borne out by the results: “The sales colleagues really like working with the software. They rapidly generate layouts for customers and implement changes and requirements by themselves, and they’re taking their system presentations to new customers to a new level. Since the rollout, we’ve generated 100% more layout plans than before, and thus doubled our order chances.”

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