End-to-end 3D configuration solution as success factor

At Austrian-based motion06 gmbh, the sales and design processes were struggling to keep up with the company’s growth. To meet this challenge, this medium-sized machinery and plant equipment manufacturer formulated a digitalization strategy that depended on Lino GmbH to ensure end-to-end processes and accelerated workflow. And Lino delivered.

Customers of motion06 include such logistics giants as DHL and UPS as well as over 70 airports world-wide that depend on motion06 machines to handle baggage. The company uses standardized conveyor modules to offer customized solutions and a broad variant diversity. The numerous interdependencies between individual module parameters – such as curve design, drive and gearbox type – represent a major challenge.

Previously, engineering- and business-oriented staff members worked closely together in the sales process: the former to determine the feasibility using their many years of knowledge of relationships, the latter to handle the commercial aspects and customer communication. The associates mostly used Excel with a rudimentary rule system to configure and calculate curved belt conveyors and depended on Solidworks® for layout plans. A fully functional data link to the ERP system was lacking.

But in airport projects, the time pressure is too great for spotty IT support. Consequently, motion06 decided to develop a digitalization strategy for end-to-end processes between sales, project planning, design and production – with no media discontinuities or manual transfers. In Lino GmbH, they quickly found a partner that could both implement the ERP integration and offer optimized solutions for configuration and calculation, automatic design and layout planning.

All solutions have been in productive use for a while now, and motion06 is highly impressed with the results: whereas it used to take up to 30 hours to completely configure a belt curve, the same task can be executed in just ten minutes today. The entire process until automated release in the PDM and forwarding to Purchasing takes less than an hour. The tools mesh seamlessly, and sales associates configure even complex products directly in the sales call – including release and an individual quotation.

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