Lino Simplify introduction

Oct 2024
Oct 2024
Time: 09:00 - 14:00
Price: 880€


Easy and fast model simplification for Solidworks assemblies with Lino® Simplify

The add-on application for Solidworks Lino® Simplify automates the model simplification process and helps designers achieve the most appropriate result for your application area. Our online training will demonstrate model simplification for different scenarios:

  • Creating layouts, e.g. for project planning.
  • Protecting intellectual property when sharing files
  • Model or design obfuscation
  • Prevention of reverse engineering
  • Performance enhancement through data reduction
  • Generation of web and VR graphics

The Solidworks add-on application works for both part and assembly files and handles all dependent files as part of the simplification process.

Services & Training Goals

Consulting, proof of concept and online training (incl. course material) based on a delivered Solidworks assembly of the client. Overall performance period 4 hours.


German language skills (courses in English on request); Solidworks knowledge. Required software and hardware provided by the client.

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