Tacton Design Automation with Lino® PDM system integration (incl. Encryption)

Nov 2024
Nov 2024
Time: 10:30 - 11:00

Your company develops and sells sophisticated machines and systems using the Solidworks 3D CAD system? Do you need to avoid costly design errors in order to remain competitive and want to reduce the number of time-consuming change orders that block your day-to-day business? Do you want to give your designers more time to develop and improve products? Do you want your design automation solution to integrate seamlessly with the workflow of your PDM system?

If you can answer “yes” to any of our questions, then you should not miss our webinar “Tacton Design Automation with PDM system integration”.

Automate design processes and free product developers from time-consuming routine tasks.

Automating design processes ensures the validity and completeness of designs. The Tacton solution, based on constraints, guarantees that every design meets the end customer’s requirements to the highest degree, no matter how many individual requirements are set. Tacton Design Automation is fully integrated into Solidworks. Updating product portfolios is quick and easy when introducing or developing new products.

Tacton Design Automation enables deep process automation by automatically generating 3D models, parts lists, drawings and other documents – from quotations to production documents – after product configuration.

The full benefits of the design automation solution are only realized through integration into the existing system landscape. With Lino® PDM pro, these problems are a thing of the past. Lino PDM pro automates the creation process in the PDM system and ensures that your data is created correctly and without duplicates at all times.

In addition, the new encryption extension ensures that valuable company knowledge is effectively protected against industrial espionage. Encryption/decryption only allows explicitly authorized persons access to Tacton rule sets and prevents unauthorized copying/sending of Tacton files.

The webinar demonstrates with concrete application examples how to generate the maximum benefit from the design automation Lino® PDM system integration (incl. encryption).

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