Tacton Configurator for design automation with Autodesk® Inventor®

Sep 2024
Sep 2024
Time: 10:30 - 11:00

Your company develops and sells sophisticated machines and systems with Autodesk Inventor? You need to avoid expensive design errors in order to remain competitive and want to reduce the number of time-consuming change orders that block day-to-day business? Do you want to give your designers more time to develop and improve products?

If yes, then you should attend our webinar “Product Configurator for Design Automation with Autodesk® Inventor®”. The integrated configurator Tacton Design Automation automates your design processes and frees you from time-consuming routine tasks.

With design process automation, you ensure that every design is always valid and complete. It doesn’t matter how many individual requirements are defined: the constraint-based solution ensures that each design can not only be manufactured, but also optimally meets the requirements of the end customer.

Another plus of the solution is its ease of implementation and maintenance. It is fully integrated with Autodesk Inventor and has an intuitive user interface. If new products are introduced or further developed, the product portfolio can be updated quickly and easily. All other affected areas are updated automatically.

Prerequisites: German language skills (courses in English on request)

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