WEBinar – Dimensioning plants easily with Lino® System Configuration

Sep 2022
Sep 2022
Time: 10:30 - 11:15


Lino® System Configuration – Simple dimensioning of plants

If not only individual machines are to be configured, but entire plants consisting of several interdependent machines, then the Lino System Configuration is required. This unique system solution enables the configuration of all machines involved, e.g. in a packaging line. Using various types of machine-independent parameters, entire lines can be easily dimensioned in an uncomplicated manner.

The webinar on Lino System Configuration is aimed at Sales and Project Planning. We will first demonstrate the transfer of a 3D layout created in Solidworks to the Tacton Sales Automation Tool. Afterwards we will automatically generate a quotation with a letter of offer and all necessary price information.

Using an example from materials handling technology, we will then demonstrate the so-called “pre-configuration”: Here, a chain of conveyor belts is first configured as a budget offer in the Sales Automation Tool, taking into account technical rules – and then automatically assembled correctly in the CAD system. To our knowledge, there is no competitor on the market who masters this technique!

German language skills required. Courses in English on request.

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