WEBinar – Product configuration and process automation in sales

Jun 2020
Jun 2020
Time: 11:00 - 11:45


Distributors in industrial companies are usually dependent on a few product specialists. An offer often has many preliminary versions before it is accepted – and even then errors are not uncommon. This paralyses the sales cycle, has a negative impact on the customer’s buying experience and on your profit.

Our 45-minute webinar will show you how your sales force can…

  • can close more deals faster and more efficiently
  • shortens the average time taken to prepare quotations
  • Offer errors minimized or eliminated forever
  • complex quotations created without expert knowledge
  • through dynamic 3D visualization, parallel to the configuration, the designed products can be displayed to the customer immediately

Lino explains Tacton’s global sales and product configuration using examples for sales management, visualization, quotation creation, pricing and document generation such as quotations, operating and assembly instructions, service contracts, parts lists or drawings, and much more. We will also show you our WebShop application based on Tacton Sales Automation and describe integrations with other Web applications.

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