Lino® ERP pro transfers Solidworks® data to ERP systems

Mainz-based Lino GmbH, provider and manufacturer of 3D configuration solutions for business process automation, presents its latest Software Made by Lino® development: Lino® ERP pro. The Solidworks ERP interface can be used with almost all ERP systems, as well as with the Tacton Design Automation and Software Made by Lino products.

ERP systems record all relevant data of a manufacturing company that is necessary for the order, manufacturing and delivery process. ERP interfaces such as Lino ERP pro are used to generate and update basic data such as articles, parts lists and work schedules. These can be automatically created and updated when new product variants are generated.

With Lino ERP pro, base data such as articles, parts lists and documents are created in the ERP system from Solidworks. The interface can be called both manually and in the PDM/PLM release process. It can be customized to optimally meet operational requirements. All information from Solidworks files can be transferred to an ERP system.

Special attention was paid to the generation of parts lists, because the parts list generated and updated by Solidworks is used for this. This can be checked by the designer at any time. It can be extended by manual positions and otherwise edited. The main advantage is that no information is lost when the assembly is copied to derive a new design from it.

The Lino ERP pro interface can be used with or without Tacton Design Automation. The ERP system is connected via a web service that corresponds to the current industry standard.


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Benefits of Lino ERP pro
  • Almost all ERP systems can be integrated with Solidworks via Lino ERP pro
  • So far realized integrations: SAP, MS Dynamics AX, MS Dynamics Navision, Sage, ABAS, Infor, ProAlpha, PSIpenta, AMS, Baan and IFS.
  • Base data can be created error-free and expediently in an ERP system
  • Design-relevant Solidworks data is transferred to the ERP system with this interface
  • Version-safe and reproducible data quality is always guaranteed, even when deriving special designs