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Welcome to the Lino Team

The Lino Team offers premium consulting on end-to-end process automation and software solutions for design and sales automation, system configuration, virtual/mixed reality and 3D web visualization. Enterprises in many manufacturing industries realize efficient, end-to-end sales and product development processes with enormous savings potential with the Lino Team along with Tacton Configurator and Software Made by Lino® products.

The Tacton technology sets entirely new standards in product configuration and revolutionizes the drafting, configuration and selling of complex industrial products. Software Made by Lino® products make it possible to integrate applications for CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, CRM, CAM, Web, eCommerce and mobile devices can be with Tacton software simply and easily.

Lino is an authorized Tacton Business Partner, Solidworks Solution Partner and Microsoft Partner Gold Application Development. This configuration specialist and software developer operates six offices in Germany and Austria: Bremen, Mainz, Stuttgart, Bad Mergentheim, Dresden and Raabs (A).


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Milestones in our history


Foundation of Lino GmbH by Ruediger Dehn.


TactonWorks becomes Solidworks Gold Product and the start of partnership with Dassault Systèmes Solidworks.


Exclusive award for the worldwide TactonWorks Certified Service Partner.


Opening of the Lino location in Bremen and first Design & Sales Automation Conference in Mainz, Germany.


Opening of the Lino location in Dresden, start of the Software Made by Lino® development and certification as a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner.


First software releases of Lino® 3D layout and Lino® 2D fix are delivered to customers. Both products receive Solidworks Solution Partner status.


Opening of the Lino location in Stuttgart. New developments: Lino® 3D web and Lino® VR/AR.


New development: Lino® System Configuration. Premiere as Solidworks Solution Partner at Solidworks World 2016 in Dallas, Texas, USA.


Certification as Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner.


Foundation of Lino GmbH Austria in Raabs/Thaya.


Lino shows its 3D configuration solution for the first time at the German Mechanical Engineering Summit in Berlin.


The first software release of Lino® Simplify, a Solidworks® Add-In for simplifying assemblies, is delivered to customers.


Move to new office "Große Bleiche 15, 55116 Mainz" on March 1, 2021. The new office is located in a modern co-working area "The Pier Mainz".


Opening of the Lino location in Bad Mergentheim.



We provide our customers with the highest-quality support possible and adhere to stringent standards of professionalism throughout the entire working relationship.
The entire competence of our consulting performance is focused on delivering peak performance. Our fundamental principles include a transparent enterprise vision, customer orientation, fair partnerships, the involvement of all employees and optimization of internal processes.


In a rapidly evolving world, mobility and the ability to change are just as important as reliability and sustainability.
The success of our customers is our primary objective. We believe in the quality of our software products and our employees. We place exacting standards on our own work performance and seek to build strong partnerships so as to optimally meet additional requirements as well.


Lino creates sustainable value for customers, investors and employees. In doing so, our enterprise acts in full awareness of its social and ethical responsibilities.
Enterprise success requires a broad, solid foundation. Lino stands unequivocally for the fundamental values: customer orientation, employee orientation, partnering, enthusiasm, innovation, professionalism and economy.


We develop partnerships with leading technology enterprises, institutions of higher learning, research institutes, consulting firms and customers. The Lino Team stands for leading innovation and impeccable service. We are very selective as to whom we choose to do business with and strive to build a partnering relationship that economically benefits both parties.

Team player

“We support our customers with exemplary dedication and comprehensive experience, seek fair collaboration with competence partners, and see ourselves as a software and consulting firm that understands, sells, develops and implements innovative configuration solutions,” declares Rüdiger Dehn, Managing Director of Lino GmbH with respect to Lino’s enterprise principles.

Start your career at Lino

Mainz-based Lino GmbH is a steadily growing software and consulting enterprise that is continually expanding its market position by offering sustained and measurable benefits for customers, partners and employees.

Lino is focused on building dependable partnerships with its customers, as well as with employees and partners. This network of customers, employees and partners ensures that the expertise of the Lino Team at the leading edge of the industry, enabling us to sustainably deliver efficient and simple solutions for complex requirements.

Do you have questions about our portfolio, would you like a consultation or would you like to arrange an individual live demo of our 3D configuration solution based on your models?

Please use the form below to contact us. We will subsequently contact you as soon as possible and send you the requested information.

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Lino GmbH Mainz
Phone +49 6131 32 785-10

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Lino GmbH Bad Mergentheim

Johann-Hammer-Strasse 24
97980 Bad Mergentheim
Phone +49 7931 9534996

  • Beratung, Support
  • Software-Entwicklung

Lino GmbH Austria

Rossa 25
3823 Raabs an der Thaya
Phone +43 2845 70119

  • Auftragsbearbeitung
  • Beratung, Support
  • Geschäftsführung
  • Schulung, Ausbildung
  • Software-Vertrieb

Lino GmbH Stuttgart

Friedrichstr. 15
70174 Stuttgart
Phone +49 711 945 763 40
Fax      +49 711 945 763 41

  • Beratung, Support
  • Software-Vertrieb

Lino GmbH Dresden

Chemnitzer Strasse 117
01187 Dresden
Phone +49 6131 32 785-10
Fax      +49 6131 32 785-11

  • Beratung, Support
  • Schulung, Ausbildung
  • Software-Entwicklung
  • Software-Vertrieb

Lino GmbH Bremen

Hermann-Koehl-Strasse 7
28199 Bremen
Phone +49 421 96 01-180
Fax      +49 421 96 01-150

  • Beratung, Support
  • Schulung, Ausbildung
  • Software-Vertrieb

Lino GmbH Mainz

Große Bleiche 15
55116 Mainz
Phone +49 6131 32 785 -10
Fax      +49 6131 32 785 -11

  • Auftragsbearbeitung
  • Beratung, Support
  • Geschäftsführung
  • Schulung, Ausbildung
  • Software-Entwicklung
  • Software-Vertrieb
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Gerhard Schubert GmbH
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Gerhard Schubert GmbH now uses a combination of Lino® 3D layout and Tacton Design Automation to configure its complex packaging lines.

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Lino GmbH
Leading Innovation

Accelerate sales and engineering!

We support enterprises in the machine tool and plant equipment industry with premium consulting for end-to-end automation of business processes, as well as corresponding software solutions for design and sales automation, system configuration, VR/AR and web 3D visualization.

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