Lino: Return to Face-to-Face Training

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, Lino GmbH had switched its event offerings to online sessions in recent months. Thanks to intelligent spacing and hygiene concepts, people are now gaining more and more control over the virus and can deal with the risks.

The Lino team has looked into the current corona regulations and has developed location-dependent hygiene concepts for employees and training participants. For this reason, Lino will again be offering face-to-face training courses in its current training program from September onwards. Alternatively, on-site training courses can be arranged in the DACH region, provided that the necessary hygiene rules can be observed in the planned training area. Webinars and workshops for interested parties will continue to be held online.

As an authorized Tacton Business Partner and software developer of smart integration and productivity tools, configuration specialist Lino GmbH offers customized basic and advanced training courses on Tacton Design Automation, Tacton Sales Automation (CPQ) and software made by Lino® products by certified trainers.

Training courses, workshops and webinars