Studio Zwaard and Lino develop simplification tool for Solidworks®

Lino GmbH, specialist for 3D configuration solutions for end-to-end automation of business processes (CPQ, CAD Automation, System Integration) in the manufacturing industry, and the Dutch Solidworks expert Studio Zwaard developed the Lino® Simplify software as part of a development partnership – a Solidworks add-on tool that automates the process of model simplification.

Stated objective of the partnership is the production-ready development of an excellent and complete simplification tool for Solidworks assemblies, based on software and technologies that have already been developed independently by both partners in the past. “Thanks to the very good collaboration, the result of Lino® Simplify was better than anything each partner could have achieved on their own,” states Jan Jurjen Zwaard, CEO of Studio Zwaard.

“Studio Zwaard was asked to participate because of its experience in model simplification, the Solidworks API and Solidworks expertise in general,” explains Rüdiger Dehn, Managing Director of Lino GmbH, adding, “Customers such as Herbold Meckesheim, Matec and Lan Handling Technologies are already using Lino Simplify productively. In 2023, the Lino team will apply to Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation for Solidworks Solution Partner Product certification.

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