The Lino Team at the SOLIDWORKS Experience Day 2019 in Neckarsulm

The SOLIDWORKS Experience Day on 10 October 2019 in Neckarsulm is the forum for product development and manufacturing with SOLIDWORKS in Germany. The Lino team will talk about the application and integration of the “digital twin” and present its 3D configuration solution and CPQ application for automated processes in sales, project planning, design and manufacturing at the partner exhibition.

With more than 30 practice-oriented lectures, the SOLIDWORKS Experience Day offers a wide variety of information on all aspects of product development and manufacturing. For example: design, validation & optimization, CAM, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, plant engineering, steel construction, wood processing, mechatronics, ERP integration, technical communication, mixed reality (AR & VR), PDM, product configuration and digital twin..

The “digital twin” is currently a buzzword on everyone’s lips, but everyone interprets it differently. The aim is to create a digital copy of a real environment with little effort and to use it to quickly validate machine concepts via simulation, for example. Through “virtual commissioning”, the cycle time can be shortened.

Many companies would like to derive real manufacturing documents from the automatically simplified planning data and store them in a PLM/PDM system with version security. Another often heard requirement is to import the transaction data into an ERP system and track it there. The entire process should be automated to a high degree and require little maintenance.

Configuration specialist Lino GmbH has an innovative solution portfolio in this area of application. The participants will be presented with products and concepts for the digital twin based on SOLIDWORKS 3D data:

October 2019 | 01:20 p.m. | Room 5
The digital twin, its virtual clone, helpful tools and integration into adjacent systems
Dipl.-Ing. Ruediger Dehn, Managing Director, Lino GmbH

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