Tacton Design Automation for configuration of 3D master models

On September 14, 2021, the 10th VDMA conference on Variant Management will take place. Anja Walthart, Manager in Parametric Design at Dürr Systems, will give a presentation on the topic of “Keeping control worldwide – automated engineering and manufacturing processes in an SAP-driven, heterogeneous system landscape”.

Anja Walthart started her career at Dürr AG in 2012 as a dual student in Design and Development. Her subsequent activities as an SAP key user were in engineering, where she was responsible for process optimization, among other things. Three years later she moved to the Continuous Improvement Management Team, to work on her first cost reduction project. There she also gained experience in Parametric Design. Meanwhile, Anja Walthart completed a master’s degree in Innovation and Technology Management.

Plenum für Lackieranlagen
Plenum for coating systems

In the meantime, Anja Walthart has been leading the “Parametric Design” team, which was founded at the same time, within the Product Standardization Department since July 2019. Within the scope of this and in cooperation with Lino GmbH, some products were made configurable with Tacton Design Automation, among others for the Plenum shown here.

A Plenum sits on top of spray booths where car bodies are painted with the help of robots. The task of the plenum is to ensure uniform air distribution and air sinking speed in the booth in order to extract paint mist. This is achieved by a previously defined air velocity in the room from top to bottom. Variants arise in such a Plenum due to design-variable dimensions, door positions, air inlets, lighting, connections, etc.

The presentation includes a brief introduction to Dürr AG, the special requirements for product configuration in plant engineering, and the creation of configurable 3D master models with Tacton Design Automation. In addition, challenges in document creation and retrieval in SAP are addressed and how an integration of Lino PDM pro solves them. Ms. Walthart will also report on her experiences with the use of product configuration in customer projects worldwide as well as data processing for automated manufacturing.

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