System independent 3D visualization with Lino® 3D web

Lino GmbH, specialist for 3D configuration solutions for the end-to-end automation of business processes in the manufacturing industry, has dramatically expanded the application options for its 3D web visualization tool Lino 3D web. In combination with the newly developed Lino Hub integration platform, the solution can now be used as an independent, parametric 3D visualization tool for product configuration in sales, project planning and in web shops, as an interactive online product configurator on the web or with existing CRM or ERP systems.

End customers, sales and project staff use Lino 3D web for quoting, configuration, design and presentation of sophisticated industrial products. Currently, direct integrations are possible with Tacton CPQ, Cosling, SAP CPQ and SAP variant tables, e.g. to display Solidworks 3D models, prices and other information on the web. More connections to other configurators and system integrations are possible on request.

True parametric models in a web view allow 3D representation of all variants already during configuration, even for complex models. Solidworks export automatically converts geometry to web format including standard Solidworks materials used for realistic representation. CAD data, drawings and exchange formats (STEP) can be automatically generated and provided via download.

Lino 3D web offers real-time 3D visualization and allows rotating, zooming and panning of the 3D geometry view to show end customers their favorite product. Thanks to state-of-the-art web visualization technology with customizable environments and adjustable lighting conditions, a highly detailed representation of the products is created. Using the integrated screenshot function, the results can then be easily saved as a graphic file. Lino 3D web guarantees a plugin-free 3D display in all WebGL-capable web browsers. In addition, the 3D viewer can be easily integrated into company portals or web stores.

More information about the Lino 3D web software is available at