Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning: Major Work Savings through Configuration

Accelerated processes and enhanced quality are two prominent aims of automation. Wandres GmbH is a strong example of how to achieve this. This specialist for cleaning systems must manage a complex variant portfolio. Wandres is now successfully mastering this complexity using Tacton Design Automation and Tacton Sales Automation.

Based in Stegen, Germany, Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative brush and air-based systems for industrial surface cleaning. The product portfolio is based on a modular concept that advantageously combines the technical components. This results in individual products – every order is a custom solution.

But over the years, the low level of automation ultimately led to to a substantial increase in resource requirements – particularly in Design, which uses the Solidworks® 3D CAD solution. The variety of components, parameters and variants was causing unnecessarily long throughput times. The enterprise went looking for a new solution that would enable it to master the complexity in its CAD system.

After gaining initial experience in building configuration models using the Tacton Design Automation configurator, Wandres chose Lino GmbH as its new partner. The Lino concept of a single end-to-end process, from sales to assembly, was the deciding attribute in favor of the Lino solutions.

Today, a very small team is able to handle the complete design of the required products. The time for a typical system was cut from up to four hours to often under ten minutes. At the same time, Tacton Design Automation enhances design quality thanks to automation and rule compliance. The ease of use of the integrated rule editor plays a further decisive role.

Learn more about the Wandres project in the detailed case study.