Pilot project VR process simulation successfully completed

The development, marketing and maintenance of engineering products requires seamless interaction between different technologies, product development and business processes, suppliers, distributors as well as employees and customers. High competition forces suppliers to constantly search for more efficient solutions to meet market requirements. It is already foreseeable that VR applications, for example, will become an important part of Industrie 4.0. From expensive VR caves to fast portable headsets, which have also conquered the consumer market. But despite constantly increasing functionality, there is still a lack of concepts suitable for everyday use for many industrial use cases.

Robert Kirschner from Lino GmbH in Dresden took on this challenge in the course of his master’s thesis. The objective was to combine and extend already established functions such as multi-user, spatially separated remote collaboration, but also desktop support, in order to develop an application suitable for everyday use in industry.

This has resulted in a pilot project that enables the user to execute interrelated, mutually dependent interactions and to control them. A decisive gap in the instruction, demonstration or remote maintenance of machine systems could be closed. Hand movements and their sequence can be trained without downtimes and high costs. One user can start specific training scenarios with machine faults and observe and guide another user in VR during their elimination. This is based on pure CAD data, which can be used without extensive processing.

The first prototype was already able to meet the high requirements and could be the basis for further customer-oriented VR projects. “Leading Innovation” is no coincidence. The Lino team is in cooperation with renowned universities, technical colleges and professional academies, supports students with exciting topics for bachelor’s/master’s theses and ensures the sustainable training and further education of its employees.


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